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E lele le Toloa, ae ma'au i le vai

"E lele le Toloa, ae ma'au i le vai"

"The Pacific grey duck soars away, though always returns to the water".

The word ma'au in the ancient Samoan proverb above, means 'to return' with a sense of a homecoming. 

It is often used to illustrate the concept that regardless of where the pacific man or woman finds themselves in the world, they are eternally tethered to their family, culture and heritage. The invitation ‘to return’ home, is ever present and accessible.

From this understanding, the vision emerged to surround our babies with high quality, pacific-inspired products and resources that celebrates their heritage.

This vision is an endeavour to connect the next generation to the languages, patterns, songs and stories of their ‘home’.

This is our way of returning home.

 Feel free to join the migration, get in touch and explore our store.

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